About Canopy

We believe that a generation of radical disciples will change the world. Raising this generation of Jesus followers has never been so important. As an open and sharing community of excellent youth workers, we can inspire, equip and empower each other to achieve this audacious goal. With Canopy we can share these world-changing ideas.

What is Canopy?

Canopy is a shared space for all youth workers. Discover brilliant resources in the Library that have been written by a broad range of authors from across the youth work community. Use the easy-to-use editor to create and publish your own resources for others to use. When we share our ideas we inspire, empower and equip each other to do the important work we are all passionate about.

Publish your own resources

When you create a resource, you can add it to the growing library. Youth workers everywhere, looking for great sessions to run will be able to see and download your resource. Imagine how many sessions got planned on the back of an envelope and binned. What if these weren't lost but shared! It's an exciting prospect isn't it!

Why is Tearfund running Canopy?

We created the library and editor to publish our own resources. We found it so brilliant that we felt it wouldn't be right for us to hang on to it. We also believe that an open and sharing community will change the world. This is Tearfund's gift to the youth work world. We've made it free and we can't wait for you to join the community.