Our privacy policy is simple

  • Canopy is run by Tearfund's Youth and Emerging Generation team. 'We' are Tearfund, you are... well... you! Your details are safe, secure and we won't share them with anyone.
  • We collect and store your name and email address (an optionally your church and organisation). Your password is encrypted, we can't ever see what it is.
  • We use tools that measure behaviour on these resource pages. Your details of which resources you view or download are never disclosed. We use this to improve the site and personalise your experience.
  • We collect and store your basic details and may use your email address to send you further resources you maybe interested in.
  • Tearfund may also occasionally and in the future send you news and updates including ways to give. We promise not to bother you too much.
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  • These pages contain links to external pages, often not controlled by Tearfund. We're careful about where we link to however we can't be held responsible for what may appear on these pages.
  • If we change this privacy policy, we'll make sure we let you know straight away via the email you've provided us.